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When business owners and IT operators want to update or change a network, they run the risk of breaks and glitches in addition to burdensome offline time for trouble shooting. HyperQube is here to help with an affordable testing environment available to enterprises of any size. Now businesses can build carbon copy infrastructures that allow for one to test software updates, test exploits, simulate cyber breaches, alter intranet design – all in a completely risk-free environment. Our solution can reduce associated labor costs by 90% and eliminates hardware expenses entirely.

Business owners and IT operators have long been plagued with a choice of whether to take down a network for troubleshooting and updating.

Organizations improve not only their own networks, but those of their customers – and allow potential users to easily demo services with infinitely customizable environments. HyperQube seamlessly bridges the gap from test environment to physical network, enabling customers to introduce real data to the existing environment.

What if…

HyperQube answers the “What if”


Unlimited testing – let the results inform strategies and plans for an improved, more secure environment


Show your customers exactly how you can
help them


Put your network through the wringer by unleashing viruses and DDoS attacks with no effect to your existing environment


Once you’ve seen into the potential future, make the changes you need to sustain and protect

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