Experimentation Without Restraints or Consequences

Many cybersecurity technologists and researchers must prepare for the “worst case scenario” – often while having very little idea what that might actually look like. HyperTest makes the virtualized test environment process significantly faster and more affordable without any limitations due to network size or complexity.

While traditional solutions allow you to “clone” a virtual machine, there are still hours of work required to account for Domain Controllers, File Servers, Database server, Application Servers, Citrix Servers, VDI’s and RES servers. With HyperTest, the entire process takes only minutes, allowing technologists to truly test the limits of their network without any damage to the original environment. Cybersecurity researchers can throw the most dangerous malware and run unlimited tests while posing zero risk to a live infrastructure.

Organizations can analyze not only their own networks, but those of their customers – and allow potential users to easily witness how potential attacks will play out in their infrastructure. HyperTest seamlessly bridges the gap from test environment to physical network, enabling customers to introduce real data to the existing environment.

Bottom Line 

In minutes, HyperTest allows you to unleash the worst-case-scenario virus or preview the upgrade of your dreams – without impacting the current setup

HyperQube answers the “What if”


Unlimited testing – let the results inform strategies and plans for an improved, more secure environment


Distribute your network updates to the enterprise in minutes or as fast as your network allows


Advances and innovations come to life in real-time


Once you’ve seen into the potential future, make the changes you need to sustain and protect

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