Better Tools = Better Real-World Training

Educational institutions with IT, computer science and cybersecurity programs have been limited by the environments they could offer students in both a classroom and virtual setting – particularly when it comes to providing scenarios students will experience in the workplace. HyperSkill is a continuous learning environment that enables real world, hands-on and customizable training in live environments through a web browser.

Lightweight, easy to access learning spaces allow the future cybersecurity workforce to learn in-the-trenches of some of today’s most complex issues. In addition to providing a vastly more practical platform, institutions can reduce cost of constructing virtual training environments by up to 80%. By employing HyperSkill, institutions can recruit students from around the world and educators are not limited by the lessons they can teach.

Bottom Line 

HyperSkill allows instructors and students to teach and learn in even the most complex and realistic environments – all via web browser.

HyperQube answers the “What if”


Show students the potential and the future – without interfering with your current system


Educators can work in the same environment to administer lessons to students – or assess students’ work in their own customizable infrastructure


Students can test applications, code, and network configurations repeatedly – and let that intelligence inform your plans for a more optimized environment


From testing new hires to hackathons, an exact network copy enables an ideal and practical learning environment

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