Do It All In A Risk-Free Environment

Threats are everywhere!  And organizations struggle to improve their security posture – whether it’s having an environment to test against the latest and greatest threats, attracting and retaining the best cyber talent, evaluating the efficacy of an existing cyber stack or assessing a new solutions’ true business impact and ROI.

Create Exact Duplicates of the Source Environment

HyperQube does the heavy lifting by enabling your team to build a replica of your network. With a click of a button, they can create unlimited custom private clouds, testing, and/or training environments.  Each replica contains the same virtualized servers and desktops, containers, security appliances, network devices, application software, configurations, and policies.  Now, your team can:

  • Maintain test environments with the latest and greatest threats and vulnerabilities where your existing team can learn to detect and remediate threats within a risk-free environment before an actual breach occurs

  • Test the qualifications, skills, and knowledge of candidates prior to an offer, mitigating cybersecurity hiring risks

  • Deliver employee training on your company-specific cyber tools, tactics, and techniques required for the job

  • Manage vendor consolidation and drive cost reduction

  • Determine the efficacy and value of your existing security stack and/or new solutions under consideration

Measured Value For Your Organization

Deployment Options

  • HyperQube Cloud

  • AWS i3.Metal

  • On-Premise

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