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No More Physical Labs

More people than ever are considering a career in Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity professionals are in demand, command competitive salaries, and have great job security.  And while many universities offer their students cybersecurity courses, they do not have a physical lab to deliver the necessary curriculum or training required for students to conduct experiments, analyze results, and repeat processes.


The HyperQube Cyber Range enables educators to deliver realistic, hands-on/experiential cybersecurity exercises to their students.  With ZERO infrastructure investment (download our whitepaper “Building A Cyber-Education Lab: Costs, Considerations and Alternatives“), you can:

Teach More, Save More

Great instruction provides the best experience!  With no reliance on engineering, no data center and no hardware investment you can stay focused on creating and delivering a holistic, knowledge based, hands-on learning Cyber education program.

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