Better Learning

Educational institutions with IT, computer science and cybersecurity programs have been limited by the environments they could offer students in both a classroom and virtual setting. Even educators admit many of these programs are too broad and theoretical to truly be adapted to real workplace applications. HyperQube bridges the gap with a solution that offers hyper realistic simulations and exercises.

HyperQube’s cyber ranges are lightweight, easy to access and come equipped with limitless options for customization. Each infrastructure can be built to infinite specifications, allowing instructors to focus in on specific and useful lessons.

What can HyberQube do?


Show students the potential and the future – without interfering with your current system


Educators can work in the same environment to administer lessons to students – or assess students’ work in their own customizable infrastructure


Students can test applications, code, and network configurations over and over again – and let that intelligence inform your plans for a more optimized environment


From testing new hires to hackathons, an exact network copy enables an ideal and practical learning environment

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