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BlackGirlsHack Partners with HyperQube

The tech training nonprofit BlackGirlsHack and have announced a strategic partnership that will help black girls and women get the hands-on experience they need to breakthrough barriers to careers in information security and cyber security. Under the partnership, HyperQube will provide access to their cloud based Cyber Range to both the students and instructors at BlackGirlsHack.

Tennisha Martin, Founder of BlackGirlsHack, says “This partnership will help BlackGirlsHack members gain more hands-on experience and exposure for their newly acquired Cybersecurity Skills”

The CEO of HyperQube, Craig Stevenson, says “This partnership will allow HyperQube to begin its journey towards becoming the world’s largest community of Cybersecurity creators. It removes the cost barrier for Cybersecurity professionals to demonstrate their capability. ”

About BlackGirlsHack

BlackGirlsHack Foundation (BGH Foundation) is a 501(c)(3) organization created to bring awareness and provide knowledge and resources to help increase the diversity and representation in Cyber Security. BlackGirlsHack Foundation is a not-for-profit organization whose focus is to increase representation in Cyber Security for Black Women and Girls. BlackGirlsHack was created to share knowledge and resources to help black girls and women breakthrough barriers to careers in information security and cyber security. The vision for Black Girls Hack (BGH) is to provide resources, training, mentoring, and access to black girls and women and increase representation and diversity in the cyber security field and executive suites.

HyperQube Included in WWT’s Advanced Technology Center!

HyperQube has been included in World Wide Technology‘s Advanced Technology Center (ATC) ‘ecosystem’ where engineers will discover what they can build, share and accomplish with HyperQube! (click here to read)

From Chris Konrad at WWT, “The World Wide Technology ATC HyperQube Proving Ground Lab exists to help people create VMware environments and exact replicas of current environments in under 30 seconds. This solution seeks to conquer business problems such as long set up times and bad configurations when it comes to setting up virtual environments.”

For more information on WWT’s ATC, visit:

Reconnaissance: A Hacker’s Approach

Have you ever wondered how computers in your network would respond to a hacker coming after them?  And, is the cybersecurity system you have in place able to quickly identify each possible point of entry?  Watch as our CEO Craig Stevenson demonstrates the 2 most common active scanning techniques a hacker will use to identify targets within your network.

“This is one of the most innovative systems that we’ve seen in a long time and you can see the value very, very quickly.”

Dr. Chase Cunningham (aka Dr. Zero Trust) demonstrates how he leverages the power of the HyperQube platform to create as many virtual environments needed to do anything from malware research and product demos to POC’s and architecture design – and everything in between.

“The HyperQube platform is a super simple way for the purposes of building infrastructure and sharing it with people. This is it! You don’t have to be a power user, you don’t have to know how to do networking, you don’t have to know how to do configuration. You can fire this up, use it, share it.” – Dr. Chase Cunningham.


HyperQube Hires Alex Hicks as Principal Software Engineer

New hire will help company meet the intensive need from enterprises and government for better tools to create, develop and distribute virtual infrastructure.

Washington, D.C., November 10, 2020 – HyperQube, the “copy and paste for infrastructure” provider, announced its newest hire following August 2020’s $2.5 million Series Seed financing round led by Leawood Venture Capital. Alex Hicks, Principal Engineer, will help the firm’s growing production demand for deployment of their lightweight virtual infrastructure development technology.

alex-hicks-headshotAs Principal Software Engineer, Alex Hicks joins the company’s technology team to handle the increased demand of architecting and implementing full stack systems at scale. Hicks specializes in back-end development and has engineered numerous successful programs and platforms for startups.

Hicks started writing software full-time the day he entered college. Since then, he’s led teams to build flagship products servicing 100k+ users, and implemented DevOps infrastructure for teams of 50+ developers.

“I’m excited to join HyperQube to make virtual management easier and build a team that can really make a difference for those who need our platform,” asserts Hicks. “Our products have huge potential to help enterprises with a number of robust use cases. I’m looking forward to helping the company grow and deliver a great service to more and more people.”

About HyperQube
HyperQube technology enables enterprises to quickly and easily build an exact copy of any IT infrastructure. HyperQube virtualized test environments can be built in minutes and just as easily modified, re-used and shared. Learn more at