Keylogging: A Hacker’s Approach

Keylogging:  What is it?  How does it work?  How do hackers use this technique to gather intelligence?

As a sub-technique of “Input Capture” from the MITRE ATT&CK framework, Keylogging is the most prevalent type of input capture hackers use to intercept credentials.  Watch as our CEO Craig Stevenson plays the role of hacker and demonstrates how an adversary captures all the keystrokes that happen on their target’s computer.


Episode 1:  Credential Dumping – Analysis, Detection and Prevention

Bad actors have infiltrated your network. But, how do you know you’re compromised?  Join Craig Stevenson, CEO of HyperQube and Gabe Martinez, CEO of Analytica42 as they demonstrate:

  1. All the steps of a Mimikatz attack
  2. How Credential Dumping enables Lateral Movement
  3. How to analyze the attack and build detection
  4. Proactive prevention


Reconnaissance: A Hacker’s Approach

Have you ever wondered how computers in your network would respond to a hacker coming after them?  And, is the cybersecurity system you have in place able to quickly identify each possible point of entry?  Watch as our CEO Craig Stevenson demonstrates the 2 most common active scanning techniques a hacker will use to identify targets within your network.