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Our Vision

To be the single way organizations build infrastructure no matter where in the cloud!

What We Do

HyperQube was designed to enable users to build a completely isolated replica of infrastructure.  With a click of a button, HyperQube users can do anything from building demo environments (or a library of them) on demand to creating unlimited custom private clouds, testing, and/or training environments.  HyperQube does not interact with a production environment, and can be accessed anywhere from a web browser.

Our History

Founder and CEO, Craig Stevenson became frustrated when trying to find a solution to a very common problem: how to make copying, deploying, and sharing infrastructure as easy as pushing a button. When he could not find a solution, he took matters into his own hands and created HyperQube.

Our Team

Craig Stevenson

Founder & CEO

Prior to founding HyperQube, Craig was the Director of Cyber Training for Raytheon where he designed custom curriculum to train US allied nations to execute their cyber missions. As Lead Instructor of the Cyber Exploitation Unit at Raytheon, Craig worked with The Intelligence & Security Academy to help design and teach the Cyberforce Superiority curriculum, which aims to help managers and leaders gain the familiarity they need to deal with cyber-related issues that will affect their enterprise.

Craig is an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University where he teaches Cyber Operations as part of the Graduate Program. Craig received his BA in Computer Science from Saint Mary’s College of Maryland. He holds a MA in Mathematics from Kent State University and Virginia Commonwealth University where he has also spent time as adjunct faculty member in both university’s Mathematics Departments.

“HyperQube recognized the growing need for a scalable and reusable virtualized environment to test network boundaries, it’s exciting to see our partners explore the limits of all that our software can provide from superior security hygiene to speedy network-wide update deployment.”

Kevin Chapman


As CTO, Kevin leads the company’s technology-based decisions and balances HyperQube’s security, usability and cost. Kevin further assists in the ongoing development of the company’s platform and shapes cyber environments for demonstration. Prior to joining HyberQube, Kevin was a Principal Engineer II at Raytheon, during which he developed and coordinated cyber security training at the Raytheon CODE Center and integrated technologies for the CODE Center cyber range.

Kevin additionally spent time as Senior Systems Administrator for BIS GLOBAL, where he was responsible for management of client production infrastructure and data center systems, and further managed all network security.

“HyperQube is not just a disruptive way to test and improve cybersecurity – our products help enterprises improve everything from global remote collaboration with contractors to offering more realistic and targeted demos to potential customers to testing and onboarding potential employees and new hires.”